A School in Nigeria Asks Students to Take Out Their Headscarves

Muslim Students (special)

Ibadan, MINA – Nigeria is currently experiencing a crisis related to headscarves. In a video footage appeared school guard and teacher  ordering Muslim students to remove their headscarf before entering school complex in southwestern city of Ibadan.

“Let them go to hell!” a teacher said shouting at a student’s mother, reported from Anadolu Agency, Saturday, July 6.

The video sparked anger on social media.  This 45-second clip was recorded at International School, Ibadan.

“You’re just looking for trouble,” said a mother when her daughter was directed to release her headscarf.

However, the teacher said children were free to wear headscarves outside of school. An analyst with public affairs, Gimba Kakanda, said that the action was a targeted discrimination by school.

“The video is an example that the school does not accommodate differences. Banning headscarves is targeted discrimination,” he said via Twitter.

Meanwhile, another commentator on Saint Hebrymore, did not agree with Kakanda. “Schools are not mosques or churches. Dress in your school uniform and go to school. When you leave school, you can continue your beliefs,” Hebrymore said.

In the 2016 ruling, Nigerian Court ruled that headscarf fulfills the requirements as a constitutional right and must be permitted at school or anywhere.

Since then, Nigerian Government has appealed the decision. The headscarf crisis at Ibadan school has also been the subject of litigation. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’ra News Agency (MINA)