A Palestinian Woman Becomes Police Chief in New York, USA

Palestine Sorour American policewoman of Palestinian descent (Photo: File/ Wafa)

New York, MINA – The New York State Police, United States, for the first time appointed Palestine Sorour, a resident of Palestinian origin to be the Chief of Police in Brox County, one of the five districts in New York City.

Sorour’s appointment with the rank of captain is the first time a Palestinian Arab woman has held the position.

Quoting the news agency Wafa, Sorour’s promotion was after his achievements in working for the New York Police Service, which was considered good from the number of police officers in the United States.

She has a BA in Criminology and an MA in Forensic Psychology, hailing from the village of Beit Nuba, south of Ramallah and Bireh region,

Palestinian activist in the United States, Maher Abdel Qader views Sorour’s appointment to this position as “a great message from the children of the Palestinian community in America, demonstrating the importance of their role and influence in American society, which has begun to increase gradually in the United States in the last decade.

Especially with Rashida Tlaib’s success in serving in Congress for two consecutive terms, and the appointment of Maher Al-Bitar as Director of Intelligence on the US National Security Council, along with a number of other Palestinian activists who held various leadership positions.

Abdel Qader added that Sorour played an important role in supporting the Palestinian cause, through events held in New York State.

Lastly is Sorour’s ability to persuade state police to fly the Palestinian flag in annual celebrations associated with the national community that she represents in the police force. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)