A Moment with International News Chief Editor of Anadolu Agency

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as the only one Islamic news agency in Indonesia and its partners held  International Conference of Islamic Media (ICIM) on 25-26 May 2016 in Jakarta.

The conference was attended by dozens of media delegations of OIC countries, domestic and foreign  media organizations, student representatives and NGOs.  As one of participants, Anadolu Agency presented by Deputy Director General of Anadolu Agency Mustafa Özkaya, International News Chief Editor of Anadoluy Agency Faruk Tokat, and International Relations Specialist of Anadolu Agency Serdar Mahmutoğullari.

On the sidelines of the conference, MINA jounalist Rifa Arifin  had a small talk with Faruk Tokat regarding current issues in Turkey, including the Turkish political policy through the media. Here’s the following interview:

MINA: How is Anadolu Agency position towards Palestinian reports?

Faruk: There is no doubt the Palestinian is our common issues. And all elements in Turkey know and be aware on this matter. We always  do as much as possible to help the Palestinians. Especially me who dwell in the world of journalism. We always cover humanitarian crisis issues in Palestine, which is still occupied by Isrrael.

With 11 languages Anadolu Agency (AA) has, would have strengthen to spread about justice that must be enforced in the occupied land. And the Palestinian issue has always been our spotlight coverage. AA helps Palestinian in parliamentary and humanity in the eyes of the world.

MINA: How is Turkey assesses policy factions in Palestine?

Faruk: We do not side with anyone. We sided with the union on both the Palestinian factions.

MINA: How does the current media reports in Turkey against Erdogan’s corruption cases? What do you see of it?

Faruk: It is simply not true. Some media does have an interest to create a bad image of Erdogan, it’s truly fact. Erdogan reiterated his government together with international law he even made the statement that the world is greater than the five countries (the Quartet). What is that mean, as in the United Nations, only five countries that can make a sacred decision for other countries. Of course the Erdogan’s statement scares some people both in and outside the country which impact on the emergence of the defamation that could caused Erdogan in bad images in the eyes of the international community. And the biggest reason is very attentive to the Palestinian. Because Erdogan urged Palestinian independence. Until now, Erdogan even still condemned the El-Sisi coup in Egypt. So there are a lot of interests behind this issue.

MINA: Recent media reports said Turkey choosing Syrian refugees to stay in the country. Some say the  sick or elder refugees will be sent to other countries. Your response?

Faruk: That’s not true. Until now, Turkey still accommodate Syrian refugees  which has reached 4 million  people and growing every day. Moreover, Turkey is a neighboring country of Syria, then if what has happened in Syria happens to Turkey, then Syria will be the one who assist our refugees. It’s vice versa as we are neighbours.

MINA: How is ISIS latest update in Turkey?

Faruk: Religious understanding in Turkey totally out of sync with the ideology of ISIS. And that the many Turks realise Imaam Hanafi’s madhhab. And most Kurds in Turkey is Shafi’I madhhab. Not only that, the schools of Sufism is also growing in Turkey. Until now, if you asked what Erdogan understands, then Erdogan will answer I understand Hanafi madhhab for fiqh and Maturidiah in aqidah, also  sufism in morals. And what is growing in Turkey right now is very contrary to the ISIS.

MINA: What do you think about this conference?

Faruk: The conference superb very positive. I was intrigued when I first read  the theme that unites the steps and efforts to defend Islam also related about Palestine and al-Quds. I hope that this conference  will succees  and result a real declaration that can assist and help Muslims worldwide, especially those with the cooperation of fellow Palestinian news agencies or media in covering the news about Palestine with all its contents.(R04/R03)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)