2032 Olympics: Indonesia Targets to Enter Top 10

Photo: Antara

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Miinister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali opened the 2021 Annual Member Meeting of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) virtually in Jakarta on Monday.

At the meeting, Amali asked all sports to make the Olympics the main target and target for achievement to enter the top 10.

“The Olympics are our main target. At the same time, to change our mindset. Meanwhile, the Asian Games, SEA Games and other events are intermediate targets, “said Amali.

“From now on we have to position that our main target and objective is the Olympics and the others are intermediate targets,” he added.

If Indonesia hosts the upcoming 2032 Olympics. Amali will continue to struggle and strive so that in addition to successful implementation, achievements are also successful with a temporary target of being in the top 10 of the Olympics.

“We will strive for success in the implementation and also for success in achievement. Of course, the target must be realistic. For the time being, we will be in the top 10 positions, ”he said.

Since 1952, Indonesia has participated in the Olympics with fluctuating achievements. So, for the 2032 Olympics the government has set an interim target of the top 10.

“We have set a target of the top 10 and God willing, we can be more than that,” said Amali.

Meanwhile, Indonesian NOC Ketum Raja Sapta Oktohari has tried to invite all Asian, Asean and world federations to prioritize Indonesia to get a place in each of its organizations.

“The success of the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games as well as the number 4 population of Indonesia as well as our aspirations to host the Olympics and Paralympics in 2032, so Indonesia should be placed on an equal footing with other big countries,” said Ketum NOC Raja Sapta. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)