100,000 People Died, Call to Prayer Reverberates in the US

New York, MINA – On Tuesday afternoon, the call to prayer echoed in the United States as a sign that death from the coronavirus in that country has already reached 100,000 people.

Shamsi Ali, Imam from Indonesia at the Islamic Center of New York and Director of the Jamaica Muslim Center, said previously religious leaders in New York City had a virtual meeting to address the number of deaths due to Coronavirus which had broken through 100,000 more.

In the meeting it was agreed, on Tuesday at 1 pm local time, a call to worship should be carried out. In the churches, 100 bells will be ringed, the call to prayer echoed in the mosques, and in the synagogues the blowing of trumpets will be performed. Likewise in other houses of worship according to their respective traditions.

Shamsi Ali said the purpose of this activity was to remind people around God of the power, as well as the importance of rebuilding the spirit of “ubudiyah” or worship of the Almighty.

“For that on Tuesday afternoon, 1:15 pm along with the entry of the noon prayer in New York City, I specifically echoed the call to prayer outside the mosque with loudspeakers that can be heard up to 4-5 blocks,” Shamsi Ali said.

Call to prayer is also broadcast live on Islamic TV USA and FB live simultaneously.

“Our hope, of course, is that this call to prayer will be interpreted as a call to the heart for more tawadhu to the Creator of heaven and earth. At the same time reminding people that in their weaknesses and limitations, Allah is the Strongest and has no limits always up there to help His servants, “he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)