Yogyakarta Local Government Turns on Role of Guarding Residents Against Street Crime

Photo Source: Tirto

Yogyakarta, MINA – The Yogyakarta Special Region Government together with the Yogyakarta Regional Police will revive the role of Guarding Citizens in all urban villages to eradicate all forms of street crime in the local area.

The strategy for eradicating street crime was discussed at the Yogyakarta Special Region Police’s Ditreskrimsus Office, Yogyakarta on Tuesday.

“According to the DIY Governor’s Regulation Number 28 of 2021, the Guarding Citizens group has the task of helping resolve social conflicts in the community,” said the Head of the Village Administration and Kemantren Section of the Tapem Bureau of the DIY Secretariat KPH Yudanegara, as quoted from Republika.co.id.

The existence of Guarding Citizens, according to Yuda, is a social capital that can be a force to participate in tackling street crime in each region.

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According to Yuda, each sub-district in Yogyakarta has so far responded to the emergence of street crime by guarding vulnerable points by involving volunteers and Guarding Citizens.

“Monitoring the actions of children who have the potential to commit street crimes on an ongoing basis is reported to the nearest police station through bhabinkamtibmas,” he said.

He hopes that Yogyakarta residents will return to comply with the existence of community study hours. On the other hand, Guarding Citizens at the district level is asked to participate in supervising the activities of young people after community study hours and to coordinate intensively with the bhabinkamtibmas and local police if they start to disturb the community.

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“As parents, we also don’t want our children to be perpetrators, especially victims of street crimes. Prevention is better than cure,” said Yuda. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)