Putin Signs Decree of Dozens of Counter-Economic Sanctions

Moscow, MINA – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed a decree imposing retaliatory economic measures in response to the actions of “unfriendly states.”

According to the decision, published on the Kremlin’s website, the measures were taken to protect Russia’s national interests as a result of the “unfriendly and unlawful acts” of the United States and other countries and international organizations that have joined forces with those aimed at illegally restricts or seizes property of the Russian Federation, its citizens and Russian legal entities, Anadolu Agency reports.

The new rules prohibit Russian authorities at all levels as well as organizations and individuals under Russian jurisdiction from conducting transactions, including entering into foreign trade contracts, with legal entities, individuals and companies under the control of these countries.

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The decree also prohibits the fulfillment of obligations to persons and entities under sanctions and financial transactions with them.

In addition, the regulation also prohibits the export of raw materials or products that are mined or produced in Russia if their end users are individuals who are subject to sanctions.

The government was instructed to prepare within 10 days a list of individuals and entities that are subject to Russian sanctions.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are granted the right to selectively implement new decisions.

At least 3,193 civilians have been killed and 3,353 others injured in Ukraine since the war with Russia began on February 24, according to UN estimates. The actual number of victims is feared to be much higher.

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More than 5.5 million people have fled to other countries, with an estimated 7.7 million displaced, according to data from the United Nations refugee agency. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)