Protesters Attack Legislative Council Building in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, MINA – Pro-democracy protesters were trying to storm the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong on the anniversary of the city’s Handover Day to China on Monday, July 1. Major protests are expected to occur throughout the city.

As reported by the guardian, the demonstrators used metal trolleys and metal bars to break into the glass doors of the building, while dozens of police officers stood inside the Legislative Council with full riot equipment.

Pro-democracy lawmakers tried to stop the protesters by blocking metal trolleys, but they were overwhelmed by other protesters. They were reportedly hit and injured in the incident.

The protest came as Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest which marked the 22nd anniversary of the surrender of Hong Kong city from Britain to China which falls every July 1.

Protesters came out Monday morning, blocking the streets around the main building when Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam attended the memorial service, which was traditionally held outdoors.

The police were involved in a clash using sticks and pepper spray to the protesters. Some injured people were taken by ambulance.

In his speech, Lam referred to the protest, saying they had made him realize “the need to understand public sentiment accurately”. He also said: “I am also fully aware that even though we have good intentions, we still have to be open and accommodating.”

The protest began at 2:30 p.m. local time with a route through the city before ending at the entrance of the Legislative Council, but the road had to be diverted because of outside violence. (T/Sj/P2) 

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)