PA Security Forces Attack Convoy of Released Palestinian Prisoners  in West Bank

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Jerusalem, MINA – Hassan Khreisheh, the Second Vice-President of the Palestinian Legislative Council, condemned the attack by the PA security forces on the convoys of the released prisoners in the occupied West Bank, and the confiscation of the flags of their factions.

Khreisheh added that there is a clear discrimination process between the released prisoners, stressing the need to end this policy because the prisoners are the symbol of the unity of the Palestinian people, MINA’s Contributor reported.

Khreisheh continued, “In the reception of some prisoners, we witness heavy shooting, while when some prisoners from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements leave, Palestinian security forces are mobilized in order to make their families uncomfortable and to remove the flags of the factions to which they belong.”

“This is an imposed rule, and no distinction should be made between the Palestinian prisoners in terms of salary, celebration, or appreciation,” said he.

He added that the attacks of the Authority’s security services are not new, pointing out that the political arrests began with the beginning of the Authority and the targeting operations are often carried out against voices that do not agree with the general line of the Authority.

Local sources reported that, yesterday,  the PA security forces intercepted the convoy to receive the Freed prisoners, Zalloum, and stipulated that the Hamas flags should be lowered to open the road to the city of Al-Bireh. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)