Mosques in Portugal Reopened on Saturday, May 30

Central Mosque of Lisbon, Portugal (Trip Advisor)

Lisbon, MINA – More than 50 mosques in Portugal will be reopened on Saturday, May 30 for the first time since March, in line with government programs.

The Islamic Community of Lisbon (CIL) has compiled the best guides among which, ablution must continue to be carried out in their respective homes, the mosques are opened only for prayer and closed immediately after that. All worshipers must also wear face masks.

“In essence, worshipers must spend as little time as possible in mosques,” said priest David Munir. Thus quoted from Portugal Resident.

“This won’t be easy,” he said, but he believes the situation can be controlled.

Political leaders met with health leaders to discuss the results of the two easing phases, before entering the third phase on Monday.

The Lisbon and Vale do Tejo regions are still a source of attention, with a growing number of cases there, as well as a number of deaths due to the coronavirus.

According to reports, measures will be implemented strictly to contain the Lisbon outbreak and ensure it does not spread to other environments. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)