Mosques in Germany Call for Prayer in Solidarity Against COVID-19

Duisburg, MINA – The call for prayer is heard from the mosque in the center of the City of Duisburg, Germany as a sign of solidarity for religious people during the crisis of coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) were banned from carrying out worship together at the mosque.

“In Germany, mosques are closed. Many worshipers conveyed to the mayor and asked to hear the call to pray during this time. Like here, the Kocatepe Mosque (DITIB) in Hanover-Garbsen, “said one resident through his Twitter account @Tarak_Bae, Saturday, March 28.

He said it is mentioned here by Mayor Mezquita of Granada. As in many places, instead of “Hayya‘ ala al-Salah “(coming for prayer),” Al-Salatu fi buyutikum “(praying at home).

“As a community, we can proudly see the efforts of the mosque community,” he said.

In an effort to prevent the spread of widespread COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, various places of worship closed places of worship and asked them to worship at home. As a form of solidarity against COVID-19 mosques and churches continue to call for worship in their homes.

The call to prayer and the call of church to worship at home have been carried out since Friday, March 20. Every day, there will be a call to prayer at 19.00 along with the church bells being rung.

The Central Mosque on Warbruckstr street in the city of Duisburg is the largest mosque in the Ruhrgebiet area (A metropolitan area in the NRW state in Germany).

The mosque was built by the German Turkish community and has the support of European Union, this mosque has a distinctive classical architecture of ancient Turkish culture. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)