MER-C: Fear not Gaza, Indonesian People’s Love Song for Gaza

Jakarta, MINA – The Medical Emergency Rescue (MER-C) has provided assistance to victims of conflict. One of them is participating in social activities in the Palestinian state.

MER-C with capital from the people of Indonesia succeeded in building the Gaza Indonesia Hospital, which has officially been operating since 2013, which is now continuing the second phase of construction by sending 31 volunteers from the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School.

Not only medical assistance, recently MER-C also presented the Fear not Gaza song as a form of Indonesian people’s love for Gaza.

“The song (Fear not Gaza) about the deep love of the Indonesian people for Gaza. About prayers of love and small hands who are willing to help tirelessly seek God’s pleasure,” MER-C said through his Facebook account page.

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“Haturnuhun (thank you) for the vocalists and models for this Video Clip (Jihan Fahira) who have helped with Ikhlas, from the beginning to the end of all the process of making this video clip. May Allah SWT bless us all, Aamiin Ya Robbi,” he added.

The lyrics of this song were written by a Specialist Doctor who is also a MER-C Indonesia volunteer Ahmad Sulaiman Alwahdy, who also sang it together with Fadly PADI Band and Takaeda who also worked on the music of the song.

The video song Fear not Gaza itself can be watched through MER-C Indonesia’s YouTube channel. (L/R7/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)