Media Has a Role to Improve The Image of Islam Says Fariq Naik

Bekasi, 12 Rajab 1438/9 April 2017 (MINA) – International Islamic preacher Fariq Naik during his tour in Indonesia said most of western media tends to discredit Islam, so the Muslim media should bring its role to improve the image of Islam.

“Many media just picking up the pieces of Islamic values and its very bad impressed ,” said Fariq naik in his speech at a public lecture at Patriot Stadium Chandrabhaga, Bekasi, West Java, on Saturday night (8/4) .

Media discredit Islam generally spread misunderstanding of the meaning of jihad. They spread opinion about jihad in Islam is always the feel warfare.

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According him, the true meaning of the word jihad in the Al-Ankabut absolutely no feel of war, even in other verses to explain if killing one innocent person is like killing all of humanity.

“The role we (Muslims) to correct this perception,” he said. “Islam does not teach violence. Islam prioritizes justice and peace. Islam is a religion of peace,” said Fariq in front of about 50 thousand participants who meet almost all the grandstand events present stadium.

The Quran memorizers who can memorize 30 chapters even in the brain defect, Fajar Abdulrokhim Wahyudiono.

Present at the grand lecture namely, Chairman of People’s Consultative Assembly Zulkifli Hasan, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Osama bin Mohammed Al-Shuaibi, Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi, Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, and figures as well as other scholars.


Zakir Naik accompanied by his wife and children in his safari da’wa Indonesia has the right to Zakir Naik Visit Indonesia 2017 April 1 to 10 da’wa 2017.Safari Dr Zakir Naik in Indonesia began on April 2, 2017 and in the auditorium of the University of Education (UPI), Bandung and will expire on April 10, 2017 in the Auditorium of the University of Hasanuddin Makassar. (L/R04/P2)


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