Many Relationships Between Nervous System and Qoran: Expert

Makassar, MINA – Spiritual Neuroscientist Expert from Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Dr. Iqbal Basri, M.Kes, Sp.S, said there are many relationships between nervous system and the Koran.

“Al-Quran, if we learn, memorize and then understand, we will find many lessons related to science, especially if it is linked to the nervous system,” he said, according to a pers release received by MINA on Wednesday.

According to Basri, the reason that Allah gives to humans have special features, especially if it is associated with the Koran.

“When we memorize the Qoran, the brain’s memory will work and intelligence will also run optimally,” he explained.

In neuroscience, Iqbal said, if we familiarize the brain to continue working early, then in the future he will be easy to accept all lessons.

“Therefore, it is very good if from the beginning we teach our children to memorize the Koran, once they enter elementary school they will easily accept other lessons,” he said.

The neurologist from Hasanuddin University (Unhas) in Makassar said, a study in Malaysia using EEG (brain wave measuring devices) took 28 samples of non-Muslims by listening to the Koran and classical music, the results showed decreased brain waves which meant a person’s soul it’s calm.

“When the brain wave conditions that fall into Alpha waves, It shows optimal conditions for our nerve function to function properly,” he said.

Unhas Nerve Anatomy Lecturer added that scientists like Ibn Sina, Ibn Rusyd had triumphed, they could master a lot of knowledge because they were guided by the Koran.

According to him, studying science and then relating it to the Koran will add more value to an expert or scientist.

Iqbal added that there were still many links between the Koran and the nervous system that many people did not know. All will be explained when giving presentation at the “International Islamic Health Seminar, Rasulullah’s Complete Health Peel” which will be held by the Shuffah Al-Quran College Abdullah Bin Masud on April 27, 2019.

The Prophet’s Health Seminar

The seminar which will be held at the Sheraton Bandar Lampung Hotel invited several scientists as speakers.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Basri, M.Kes. Sp.S will be one of the speakers with the theme “Al-Quran and its relationship with the nervous system (neuroscience)”.

Proff. Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Safi bin Ismail from Lincoln University College Malaysia Medical Faculty entitled “Treatment of the Prophet in a review of Science”.

Other speakers were H. Agung Yulianto, SE, Ak. M.KomD, Managing Director of PT. HPAI with the title “Prospects for Provision of Halal Products in Indonesia”.

Meanwhile, as Keynote Speaker is the Chair of the Advisory Board of STSQABM Kh. Yakhsyallah Mansur, “The concept of health in an Islamic perspective”.

This seminar invites all heads of the City District Health Office, Head of Lampung Hospital, Lampung IDI Members, Lampung IAI Members, Herbal Practitioners, Medical Faculty, Health Colleges, Pharmacy Colleges, SQABM Students, Imamah Council, Doctors and internal medical personnel to participate in this event. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)