Jakarta Transition New Normal, Anies Asks the Readiness of Medical Team

Jakarta, MINA – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan wants the readiness of all health facilities in the capital city ahead of the preparation for transition to new normal life order. Not only that, it is also necessary to prepare medical personnels.

Anies said this after observing the readiness of the Kramatjati District Health Center, East Jakarta on Friday.

Anies said that health service readiness is very necessary if the Large-Scale Social Limitation or PSBB is ended.

“That’s why we have to check, what we have to prepare is the medical team, health facilities, making sure everything is ready,” Anies said.

The PSBB in Jakarta itself has been extended twice and ends on 4 June. It is hoped that there will be no longer PSBB extension, even if the coronavirus transmission rate in Jakarta has decreased.

Therefore, according to Anies, this week is a determination whether PSBB in Jakarta will soon be terminated or extended again.

“When it is completed, it means we are starting to enter the transition. In this transition period, the community will start activities outside, although it is still limited,” said Anies.

“It means that there is interaction between people and we know the virus is transmitted through interactions, if there is exposure, then the biggest burden that will be faced is the ranks of health team,” he continued.

According to Anies, the preparation of this health service must be done in order to ensure. The reason is, if in transition there are those who have symptoms or are exposed to the coronavirus can be handled properly.

Therefore, Anies monitored the readiness of one of the Kramatjati District Health Centers in this visit. He wants to make sure all health facilities are ready.

“So, ahead of the transition period, what needs to be checked is health facilities, if the other place they experience is only added visitors. If health facilities have to be prepared to cure those who are exposed and have health complaints,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)