Israeli Forces Launch Massive Arrest Campaign in West Bank and Jerusalem

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli occupation forces on Monday launched a massive arrest campaign in the cities of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, targeting 36 Palestinian citizens.

The Prisoners Information Office said that the occupation forces raided the town of Deir Abu Mishaal, west of Ramallah, and arrested the young man, Othman Tayseer, while detaining a number of young men for hours before releasing them, MINA’s Contributor in Gaza reported.

In the town of Silwad, the Israeli soldiers arrested the citizen Ahmed Othman Hamid, as well as the young Ayman Hammad and the young Hassan Al-Natour.

In Jenin, the occupation forces launched a massive campaign of arrests, targeting the freed prisoner Sheikh Ezz El-Din Amarneh from the town of Yabad, Tayeh and Ghassan Weshahi from the town of Muthalath Al-Shuhada, Alaa Tawfiq Yahya from the village of Al-Arqa, Muhammad Hoshieh and Ihab Hoshieh from the town of Al-Yamoun and Ahed Abu Al-Rub from the village of Musliya.

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As well, the occupation forces detained the young man Diaa Salama as he was passing through the  Za’tara military checkpoint, after his bike fell and he was injured.

In Hebron, the Israeli soldiers detained the freed prisoner, Uday al-Sharbati; The two brothers, Moaz and Muhammad Mahmoud Makhamra, and Hamouda Abu Tabikh, from the Palestinian city of Yatta, were also arrested.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers arrested the two young men, Wajdi Salama and Sami Abu Haniyeh, from the town of Anata, and a number of young men from the town of Al-Isawiya.

It’s noteworthy that Separate areas of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem witness daily attacks by the occupation forces, including raids and searches of homes, sabotaging their contents, and terrorizing Palestinian citizens, especially women and children.

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In its annual report on violations of the Israeli occupation, the media office of Hamas in the West Bank monitored the arrest of 5,286 citizens during the past year 2021.

According to the report, the Israeli attacks into various areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem amounted to 4,084. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)