Israel Supports Gazans Immigrate to Other Countries

Gaza, MINA – An Israeli Senior official who did not want to be named revealed that his party increased restriction in Gaza to push people in  Gaza to immigrate to other countries.

He said Israeli Occupation Authority was ready to arrange their flights. According to Palestine Post 24 on Wednesday, August 21, Israel asked a number of European and Middle Eastern countries to accept Gaza immigrants.

“Moreover, Israel ready to arrange transportation for Gaza immigrants by using one of the airports in Negev, Israel,” said Israeli official.

Israeli National Security Council spearheaded the initiative by permit of Prime Minister Netanyahu about a year ago, the Times of Israel reported.

Beside of that, Israeli Daily added the program has been discussed several times in Israeli security cabinet.

He also claimed thousands of Gaza people left of their own volition, appointing 35,000 Palestinians who left the Gaza Strip in 2018. “That’s a pretty high number,” the official said.

However, the official failed to mention the 12-year-old Israeli blockade in the Gaza Strip has destroyed Palestinian infrastructure, economy, health sector, and livelihoods.

The Gaza Strip has been under a strict Israeli blockade since mid-2007 and under four massive Israeli attacks.

The United Nation predicts that the Gaza Strip will be “unfit as a place of life” by 2020 because of Israeli restrictions, which call the fate of around 2 million Palestinians questionable. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)