Israel Launches Air Strike on Gaza

Towards dawn, Israel again launches air strikes into Gaza (photo: doc / Palinfo)

Gaza, MINA – Israeli warplanes on early Wednesday launched a series of air strikes into Gaza. But there was no information about the victims.

According to Palestinian Information Center (Palinfo) correspondent in Gaza, the Israeli fighter attack targeted areas belonging to Palestinian resistance groups in eastern Khan Yunis and agricultural land in eastern Syujaiyah.

The attack was launched after an Israeli plane earlier fired about five rockets into the Ain Jalut area, belonging to Al-Qassam Brigade, southern Khan Yunis in the middle of night.

Israeli military spokesman claimed the attack was in response to the firing of two rockets from Gaza into a number of Israeli settlements on Tuesday.

Throughout 48 hours starting from 12 November, Israeli warplanes have launched more than 90 air strikes targeting a number of areas in Gaza, killing 35 people injuring 111 others, and destroying 500 homes.

Although Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire was agreed with Egyptian mediation, violations continue to be carried out by Israeli Zionist. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)