Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Becomes A Reference Hospital for COVID-19

dr. Syauqi Salim, Director of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza (photo MINA)

Gaza, MINA – The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza which is currently a reference for COVID-19 patients in the region continues to improve its handling protocol.

It was conveyed by the Director of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, dr. Syauqi Salim through a video received by MINA on Sunday.

He revealed that so far the Indonesian Hospital had handled 195 PDPs, of which 41 of them tested positive, all of them were immediately referred to European Hospitals for patients who were quite severe and the Turkish Hospital for patients with mildly exposed conditions.

“We are still working on a number of other PDPs. We divide the area within the Indonesian Hospital into three, namely red, yellow and orange, adjusted to the level of suspected exposure of COVID-19 patients, “he said.

“We do this protocol to minimize the number of contaminated patients, so that there is no interaction between ordinary patients and PDP COVID-19,” said dr. Syauqi.

He revealed that the COVID-19 case first appeared at the Indonesian Hospital on August 27.

“At that time, two cases are handled in the ICU and since then, the ministry of health declared an emergency status after phase b developed into phase D. This means that the lockdown protocol has been activated,” said dr. Syauqi.

He also revealed that all operating schedules at RSI had been postponed, the doctors’ emergency schedules are activated and external clinics closed. Everything was done according to emergency protocol.

“Emergency respiratory isolation rooms are starting to be held. Every patient who arrives immediately has his body temperature checked according to the standard to find out whether the patient has symptoms or not, “he added.

“There are also 37 Indonesian hospital staff are confirmed positive of covid. Among them are 19 nurses, four office staff and 11 cleaners, ”he said.

“So far, we have successfully implemented the patient handler. However, we hope that our Indonesian brothers and sisters will accelerate the process of procuring medical devices for the two new floors of the Indonesian Hospital, to make it easier for us to handle the wave of COVID-19 patients received by Indonesian hospitals, “he concluded.

The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza is built as the initiation of the Humanitarian Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) in collaboration with the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School network. In the second phase of development, which is currently being completed, there are 31 Al-Fatah volunteers. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)