Hamas: Arab League Betrayed From Its Primary Role

Image: Palinfo

Gaza, MINA – Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mahmoud Al-Zahhar explained, what happened in the Arab League in political terms, then it is a betrayal of the role of the Arab League.

“The Arab League has deviated from its primary role, what its doing today with regard to the Palestine cause and threatens all Arab countries in the future,” said Al-Zahhar, reported Qudd Press on Saturday.

He explained that the role of the Arab League is to preserve Palestine and other countries liberated from colonialism, and continue to do at least what is required, to keep the Arab position united with regard to the Palestine cause.

Every Arab country is vulnerable to future targeting, either from deviant Arab groups, as happened in the Gulf, then from foreign enemies, as happened in Palestine or from America and other countries.

Al-Zahhar argues, the Palestine Authority must completely dissolve the agreements signed with the Israel occupation, so that some countries do not justify their normalization by showing that Palestine is bound by the agreement with the occupation.

“We are in a state of real decline from the role of the Arab League, in reversing its role, because Palestine is no longer the goal of the struggle,” he stressed. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)