Canadian Activists Care for Palestine Commemorate 45th Land Day

Otawa, MINA – The Canadian Arab Palestinian Organization, the Palestinian Representative in Canada and the Canadian Parliamentary Friendship Committee – Palestine held a ceremony to commemorate the 45th Palestinian Land Day.

The action agenda was attended by a number of representatives of embassies of Arab countries in Canada, as well as Palestinian representative organizations there, the Palestine Information Center reported on Tuesday.

Palestine Land Day is a day that Palestinians commemorate every year on March 30. Palestine Land Day is commemorated to remind the Palestinian people of the actions of the Israeli Zionist regime which has seized thousands of hectares of public and individual land in various regions of Palestine.

In his remarks, the Palestinian Ambassador to Canada, Halah Abu Hashirah emphasized the importance of commemorating Land Day, to emphasize the consistency of the Palestinian struggle to defend its territory, facing Israeli settlement and occupation projects, which are concentrated on confiscating territories and evicting Palestinian homes.

In addition, he reminded the international party of the cruelty that befell the Palestinian people, as well as the hope of support for achieving Palestinian independence and freedom.

The Ambassador emphasized that Israel’s efforts to expel Palestinians from their homes in eastern Al-Quds, especially in the Sheikh Jarrah area, Silwan city and Walujah village, are a continuation of the aprtheid policy imposed by Israel against the Palestinian people, and the policy of annexing Palestinian territories.

According to the Palestinian ambassador, expelling citizens in the occupied territories is a war crime according to the 4th Geneva convention. The ambassador called for bringing the Israeli Occupation Authority to the International Criminal Court for its crimes against the Palestinian nation.

Abu Hashirah also stressed the importance of support from all countries that signed the Rome pact, and did not delay the investigation that had been set some time earlier. Evaluation and sanctions should be applied to all criminal states, including Israel. The ambassador criticized Israel’s efforts to threaten Palestinian court officials and foreign ministers and the Palestinian team formed in this context.

In addition, the ambassador mentioned the urgency of elections in Palestine which has become a national demand, as a democratic and transparent process, and appreciated President Mahmud Abbas’ initiative to hold an international peace conference.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Ambassador to Canada, Jamal Al-Salal, in his remarks representing the Arab ambassadors, spoke about the urgency of international support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, to defend the territory, and the urgency of the Arab peace initiative, to realize a fair and comprehensive solution, which can lead to establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state, with the capital of Al-Quds, and making the peace quartet committee effective.

The Yemeni Ambassador called on the Canadian government to take responsibility for taking a firm stance in supporting the Palestinian issue, especially with regard to human rights, which is in line with Canada’s stance in related international forums. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)