Belitung Lifts Tourism Potential Through Sport Tourism

Jakarta, MINA – Belitung Regency In collaboration with PT Ridemoto Prospera Indonesia will elevate tourism potential through sports tourism by holding the Belitung TT (Throne Trophy) rally on August 17-18 2019, at Tanjung Tinggi – Air Seruk – Sijuk, Belitung Island.

Registration for participants is open from 3 July to 30 July 2019. This rally will be followed by variations in motorcycles ranging from a capacity of 250cc, 600cc to 1000c. The participants will be released one by one at 1 minute intervals to get the best time in completing 1 round as far as 30 km.

Deputy Regent of Belitung, Isyak Meirobie said, this event was only held for the first time in Indonesia. Similar events are only available on the Isle of Man, United Kingdom, which succeeded in lifting the name Isle of Man in the world of international tourism.

“This event will be held annually. By involving national and international bikers. It is expected to increase tourism in Belitung Island, “said Isyak in a written statement on Sunday (28/7).

Isyak added the automotive world will be more advanced if supported by the government because the support will affect the development and progress of a region. Examples such as Belitung Island are already well known in the eyes of the world for the beauty of their natural attractions.

“We hope this will become a sports tourism that is very attractive to Indonesia. Come enjoy the beautiful nature and also watch Belitung become UNESCO Global Geopark. You have also helped sports tourism that is growing rapidly in Belitung Regency,” he said.

Chairperson of the Belitung TT Rally Committee, Rully Ismet said, the purpose of the Motor Tour Rally was to help Tourism come to Belitung especially, this event was also attended by participants from foreign countries.

“Belitung Throne Trophy (TT) is an international class for the first time in Belitung,” Rully said.

He hoped that this event would be a good start for the rise of the Indonesian rally. The participation of foreign participants will make the national rally community able to establish positive relationships so that in the future they can establish better cooperation.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya fully supports this sport tourism event. From the beginning, he suggested Belitung develop sports tourism as one of the attractions to attract tourists.

“Hold here sports tourism, because I see Belitung is similar to Bintan, which has been able to develop its territory as a destination for sports tourism,” Arief said.

He said sports tourism is suitable to be developed for Belitung because the tourism segment has its own community. Therefore, Menpar also suggested that in the future large-bodied aircraft could be landed at Belitung Airport.

“Sports tourism has a community, so what needs to be done is that the plane is bigger,” he concluded. (R / Ast/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)