As 10 Women’s Organizations Hold Munashoroh for Palestine

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Jakarta, MINA – As a form of strong support for Palestine, 10 Indonesian women’s community organizations and institutions, which are members of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Al-Quds and Palestine (KPIQP) held an online Munashoroh for Palestine, with the theme “Tracing the Role of Women Liberating Al Quds. “.

The event was filled with speeches, poetry readings and love letters to Palestine from 10 women organization leaders, namely Adara Relief International, Salimah (Muslimah Brotherhood), Muslimat Al Washliyah, Al-Irsyad Women, Muslim Women, Muslimat Mathla’ul Anwar, PP. IGRA, Muslimat Indonesian Da’wah Council, PUI Women and PERTI Women.

Nurjanah Hulwani, Chairperson of KPIQP in her remarks reminded that the momentum for the formation of the KPIQP on 17 August 2020 was a reminder of Palestine which was not yet independent, said a written statement received by MINA on Wednesday.

“We help Palestinians not because of their ignorance but because of our responsibility as Muslims,” s​​he explained.

Fahimah Askar, Chairperson of PB Wanita Al-Irsyad in her speech stated that Palestine is like the heart in a human being. When we let the heart stop beating, it will cause death in humans.

Thus, when we do not care about the heart of the world’s ummah, what actually will happen is the death of the ummah.

“It is a disgrace, it is an insult for the people to not be able to protect their own holy place,” said Fahimah.

Although it took place online, a blue emotion and enthusiasm to accompany the Palestinian struggle filled the hearts of the 500 participants.

In the event, donations were collected as much as Rp. 265,000,000. Then, until this news was published, the number of donations was still increasing. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)