Arab Parliament Commemorates International Solidarity Day for Palestine

Arab Parliament Commemorates International Solidarity Day for Palestine (photo: Palinfo)

Cairo, MINA – The Arab Parliament calls on the international community to continue to support the Palestinian nation to become a sovereign state with the capital city of Al-Quds, in accordance with UN resolutions.

It was conveyed by Chair of the Arab Parliament Mesha Al-Selmi in commemoration of International Solidarity Day for Palestine on Friday in Cairo, Egypt, as quoted by Palinfo.

The date was chosen since 1947, when the United Nations issued resolution number 181, known as the Resolution of Distribution, the Jewish State and the Arab State in Palestine, stating that Al-Quds was under international control.

Palestinian people wherever they are, commemorating the day as an international event related to the division which caused Palestinian people were displaced in various regions.

The Arab Parliament also called for imposing sanctions on Israeli military for the crimes they committed against Palestinians and forced them to commit to the UN resolution and end the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Parliament stresses the danger of the unilateral attitude taken by the United States regarding the peace process, which threatens security and peace in the region and internationally.

“The recent US statement regarding Israeli settlements in Al-Quds and the West Bank is a clear violation of related the UN resolutions,” Al-Selmi said.

Al-Selmi called on all Palestinian factions and forces to end divisions and strengthen national unity among the elements of Palestinian. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)