Arab League: Supporting Palestine is Top Priority

Cairo, MINA – Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmad Abu Al-Ghait, stressed the importance of providing assistance to Palestinians in the face of the continuing Israeli blockade on the Palestinian economy and the consequences of coronavirus pandemic.

Abu Al-Ghit in a speech on Thursday before the 106th session of the Arab League Economic and Social Council explained that supporting the Palestinian economy is a top priority especially in terms of the sustainable financial crisis that is being experienced by the Palestinian State.

“The brutal blockade imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities and its arbitrary policies is aimed at damaging the Palestinian economy and depriving them of their fundamental right to Palestinian development,” Abu Al-Ghit said as quoted by Palinfo.

Meanwhile, regarding the coronavirus pandemic and Arab food security, Abu Al-Ghait emphasized that Arab countries need to think about the future to learn lessons by overcoming the vulnerabilities and weaknesses caused by the crisis.

He emphasized the importance of sharing experiences, saying that the Arab region still experiences the world’s largest food gap and multi-dimensional poverty indicators are on the rise.

He also gave an example of the disastrous consequences that befell the Lebanese capital following the explosion of its port which added to the burden of the Lebanese economic crisis.

He praised Arab countries for taking the initiative to provide urgent humanitarian and medical assistance to the Lebanese people. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)