Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Raises Funds for Rohingya Stranded in Aceh

Jakarta, MINA – Three Elements, Stufents of Islamic Boarding School Hafidz Al-Fatah, Sarolangun, Jambi, the Jambi Ukhuwah Al-Fatah Rescue team and the surrounding community raised funds for the Rohingya Refugees who are stranded in North Aceh.

The fundraising have been carried out for four days, 3-6 July 2020, in public places, the Sarolangun and Bangko four-lane crossroads, Merangin Regency, collected funds amounting to 35 million rupiah.

“Raise funds for the initiation and mandate of Imaamul Muslimin KH. Yakhsyallah Mansur, through the Central Ukhuwah Assembly, “Chairman of the Hudalkhakim Fundraising Committee told MINA on Tuesday.

Huda explained students in this case were involved to practice caring and empathy for fellow human beings
in the context of learning for students.

The three elements consist of 20 students, five UAR students and five local people.

“Local people are generally very enthusiastic in donating some of their wealth and are grateful for the information about the Rohingya refugees,” he added.

According to the local community, information about Rohingya refugees who were stranded in Aceh widely did not published in the television news, so that many people do not know it.

Huda explained in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic the team is advised to continue to follow health protocols in raising funds, wearing masks and often washing their hands with soap or hand sanitezers after raising them there.

The hope is that the funds collected and later will be handed over directly to the Rohingya refugees and can help and ease the burden of the refugees. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)