A Protest March In Amman Against Gas Agreement With Israel

Amman, 4 Safar 1438/4 November 2016 (MINA) – Jordanian activists have organised a protest march in Amman after the Friday prayer to demand the cancellation of the recent gas deal between Jordan’s National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and Israel.

The march was organized by the National Committee against Gas Deal with Israel outside the Jordanian parliament headquarters.

The protesters chanted slogans against the gas deal, considering it a support to Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reported.

The committee’s lawyer Sana al-Ashqar called on Jordanian MPs to respond to their demand to cancel the agreement as it violates the Jordanian laws and constitution.


Al-Ashqar declared intention to step up the protests till the gas deal with Israel is revoked.

In August, Jordan announced commitment to a gas deal worth $10 billion signed by the state-owned NEPCO with Israeli suppliers.

After news of the deal became public, protests and demonstrations across Jordan gained momentum.(T/P008/R07)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)