SQUID App, Global News Media App is Now Available in Indonesia

Jakarta, MINA – SQUID App, an award winning news app for Millennials available all over Europe, has finally launched in Indonesia on May 17th, 2022.

In a release, users can choose the topics they really care about, follow the latest news and creatively interact with the most exciting articles – all in one app.

SQUID is free and does not require registration, personalized newsfeed based on smart algorithms, more than 100 news categories and more than 20 000 sources from around the world, features for personalization such as saving articles and blocking sources, read news in 67 editions from 60 countries, Learning English feature, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


SQUID makes relevant news easily accessible and usable. The app offers a wide range of topics that users can choose from to create their own personalized and image-centered newsfeed.

SQUID’s algorithms collect, sort and prioritize news from the most exciting sources on the internet, enabling users to keep up with the most important and interesting events. At the same time, SQUID is driving traffic from the popular Mllennial target group to the news sources.

SQUID has been nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Awards 2019 and won the Huawei Browser Editors Choice Award as Best Contributor Europe in 2021. Download SQUID App here.

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As of June 2021, SQUID are proud collaborators with notable telecommunication companies and brands such as Huawei in Europe and Vodacom in the Africa Continent.

“We want to help younger generations rediscover news reading as a fun, valuable and engaging daily activity – in the language they prefer,” says Johan Othelius, CEO and founder of SQUID App.

Furthermore, the Learning English feature on SQUID App is inspired by Othelius’ memories as a child when he studied English by reading news texts in newspapers. He hopes to contribute to the global society by providing the learning tool to learn English for free and fun through SQUID App.

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SQUID App (Njuice AB) is a media-tech company with head-quarter in Stockholm, Sweden. SQUID is a fast-growing news media app targeting millennials in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, launched in 60 countries.(R/R1/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)