Slovenia’s Nasional Assembly Approves Recognition of Palestinian State

Belgrade, MINA – Slovenia’s National Assembly on Tuesday officially recognized Palestine as an independent state, said Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon.

“Today is a historic day! The National Assembly of Slovenia has officially recognized Palestine, making Slovenia the 147th country to do so. This recognition is an expression of our commitment to peace and justice. Slovenia is on the right side of history, contributing to the two-state solution for lasting peace,” Fajon said on X, Anadolu Agency reports.

Prime Minsiter Robert Golob, for his part, said: “With today’s recognition of Palestine as a sovereign and independent state, we are sending hope to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza.”

The government had endorsed a motion to recognize Palestine last week and sent the proposal to parliament for final approval, needed for the decision to take effect.

The opposition Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) filed a motion to hold a referendum on the issue that would have delayed the vote.

But the ruling coalition, which has a majority in parliament, rejected the proposal, and approved the recognition in a unanimous 52 to 0 vote in the 90-seat house. The center-right opposition boycotted the vote.

The move came after Spain, along with Norway and Ireland, officially recognized Palestine on May 28. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)