Saudi Arabia Distributes Dates in 93 Countries

Riyadh, MINA – As part of King Salman’s gift program, Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs officials have been coordinating the distribution of dates in 93 countries while organizing iftar banquets in 60 nations.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saudi envoy Osama Al-Ahmadi, Bosnian Grand Mufti Husein Kavazovic, and other officials, attended ministry launch programs for the delivery of 10 tonnes of dates to more than 30,000 people during Ramadan, Arab News reported.

Al-Ahmadi highlighted the Kingdom’s commitment to serving Islam around the world, and Kavazovic praised the country for its ongoing support for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In South Africa, religious attache at the Saudi embassy, Mohammed Ashour, launched two programs. The ceremony, attended by heads of Islamic associations and centers, marked the allocation of 40 tonnes of dates for distribution to accredited cities and countries.

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The breakdown included six tonnes for South Africa, five each for Zambia and Mozambique, three for Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola, Botswana, and Namibia, and two for Eswatini. Ashour said that at least 90,000 Muslims would benefit.

In Indonesia, the Saudi ministry inaugurated programs attended by Saudi Ambassador to Indonesia Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Amoudi, Indonesian Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Saiful Rahmat Dasuki, and envoys from Arab and Islamic countries.

The iftar program will benefit around 40,000 people through the distribution of 20 tonnes of dates, and copies of the Holy Qur’an.

And in Senegal, the ministry will oversee the distribution of 15 tonnes of dates to families, Islamic centers, orphanages, and mosques throughout the West African country.(T/R3/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)