S Korea’s NGO HWPL visit MINA for Peace Campaign



Jakarta, 5 Rajab 1437/12 April 2016 (MINA) – Delegations of South Korean non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on world peace, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) visited the headquarters of Mi’raj Islamic News Islamic News Agency (MINA) in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/4).

The visit led by a member of HWPL Research Council Brian Lee and Coordinator Program of religious Affairs, Sunny Park. They intended to explore cooperation in the field of public relations to find a sustainable and comprehensive solution to achieve world peace.

HWPL delegation was received by the Editorial Secretary of MINA Widi Kusnadi, Chief Reporter Rana, Economics Reporter Chamid Riyadi, and Senior Editor Rudi van Hendrik.

Brian Lee said that HWPL is one of the world’s largest organizations based in South Korea launched a worldwide movement to solve global conflicts all over the world.

“We believe that this meeting will be a milestone in the framework of a new partnership for world peace and Indonesia can be a pioneer of country’s peace movement in Southeast Asia. So, the active support of media to bring world peace is indispensable,” said Brian Lee.

He said, HWPL has five major divisions; politics, youth, femininity, religion and media. In the political field, HWPL encouraged laws and then submitted to the United Nations to stop the civil war in any countries like in Philippines, Palestine, Syria, and other regions.

Meanwhile, the editorial secretary of MINA, Widi Kusnadi said the agency is ready to cooperate with any institutions as far as it has the same vision. “MINA is an Islamic news agency has a vision to show the face of Islam as rahmatan lil Alamin (mercy for all creatures).

In the three-year its way, MINA gained a lot of trust from various organizations in the world to cover news in their area. “It is a pride for us that our news and messages were accepted by many people and communities all over the world and that is Islam which is supposed to give benefiting to people as much as possible,” said Widi.

“MINA consistent voice for peace, defend the rights of the oppressed people and serving an honest, balanced and objective news,” he concluded. (L / R05 / R03)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)