PALESTINIAN UNITED ANNAOUNCED CABINETRamallah , 5 Sya’ban 1435/3 June , 2014 ( MINA ) – The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, Monday announced the new government as the result of reconciliation. Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah  pointed to lead 18 ministers in the new government .

The composition of the new government are the Prime Minister, 2 deputy prime ministers , 14 ministries and the prime minister’s secretary. Corespondent Miraj Islamic News Agency ( MINA ) Nur Ikhwan Abadi reported from Gaza.

There are some ministerial positions held by one person, such as the prime minister and the interior minister held by Rami Hamdalah. Two deputy prime minister also hold ministerial position, there are the minister of culture  and the minister of economy .

In his speech, Mahmoud Abbas stated that the reconciliation is moving on and no one could stop it.

Meanwhile, the abolition of prisoners affrais minister in the cabinet is still in negosiation. However, Abbas said he would remain committed to fight for the rights of detainees.

“ We keep our commit to Palestinian detainees. We also continue to monitor their condition through various ways, “Abbas said.

“We are not interested in the offer from Israel, we just want peace, “ he added

Furthermore, Abbas also said the Palestinian resistance will continue. Israel will receive a reward for what they have done to the Palestinian people.

“Israel hampers the reconciliation by offering a variety of benefits. But we saw their campaign had failed,” he stated.

Meanwhile in the Gaza Strip, former Prime Minister Ismail Haniya said he will monitor the work of the new cabinet with other figures such as Musa Abu Marzuk, Azam Al-Ahmad, Mustafa barghuti and other officials.

Here are the name of the new cabinet:

1 . Prime Minister and Minister of Interior : Dr . Rami hamdalah
2 . Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture : Ziyad Abu Amr
3 . Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy : Muhammad Mustafa
4 . The Minister of Finance : Shukri Bisyaroh
5 . Minister of Foreign Affairs : Riyad Al Maliki
6 . Manteri Justice : Salim Shaqqa
7 . Minister of al Quds Affairs : Adnan Al Husaini
8 . Minister of Tourism : Raul Ma’ayaah
9 . Minister of Health : Jawwad Awwad
10 . The Minister of Education : Khaulah Shakhshir
11 . Minister of Communication, technology,  and transportation : Natural Musaa
12 . Minister of Public Building : Mufeed Al Hasaniyah
13 . Minister of Agriculture : Aisha Al Shauki
14 . Minister of Women’s Affairs : Hayfa Al Agha
15 . Minister of Labour Affairs : Ma’mun ash Shahla
16 . Minister of Local Government : Naif Abu Khalf
17 . Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqf : Joseph Daish
18 . Secretary Prime Minister : Ali Abu Diyak .



Miraj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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