Netanyahu’s Wife Convicted Misuse of Public Funds

Netanyahu dan his wife, Sara Netanyahu (special)

Tel Aviv, MINA – An Israeli court has reportedly sentenced Sara Netanyahu to a guilty verdict, which is wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Sara was found guilty of misusing public funds.

Sara used public funds to order luxury food. Sara is known to have spent US$ 100 thousand in public funds to order hundreds of food portions provided by restaurants at home.

In the trial, Sara pleaded guilty to the misuse of funds. Her confession came after an agreement between the court and Sara’s party regarding a reduction in sentences.

As reporter Sindonews on Monday, June 17, based on the agreement, allegations of embezzlement of funds were reduced to milder violations and she would pay compensation to the state about US$ 12 thousand and a fine of US$ 2,775.

Meanwhile, separately, the prosecutor explained the reasons behind agreement with Sara on this matter.

“Considering Sara Netanyahu’s clean record, the public humiliation she suffered as a result of this case and the time that has passed, up to nine years, since the crime was committed,” the prosecutor said.

The agreement itself only applies to Sara’s legal cases and does not have a direct relationship with Netanyahu, who is preparing to face trial for three corruption cases. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)