KNEKS Encourage Halal Industry Through Islamic Boarding Schools

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance (KNEKS) encourages the improvement of the quality of halal industries through Islamic Boarding School (pesantren).

KNEKS Sharia Microfinance, Religious Social Funds, and Islamic Microfinance Director Ahmad Juwaini conveyed the urge for the development of pesantren to help the economic recovery of the people who were hit by a pandemic.

“KNEKS has an ecosystem model which is basically to unite all parties starting from focusing on helping mustahik or mauquf alaih, and there are Islamic financial institutions that help them,” he said in a Webinar related to the potential of pesantren in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday.

The role of KNEKS in the Islamic economic and financial development ecosystem based on Islamic boarding schools is translated through the establishment of the Islamic Boarding Islamic Financial Services Unit (ULKS).

It is a collaboration with various Islamic financial institutions.

It is started from the involvement of BTM or sharia banks, non-sharia banks, sharia fintek, to amil ZIS services and endowments.

The Islamic Boarding School ULKS can serve deposits and transactions, financing services, as well as zis and waqf services in each pesantren.

The parties are then directed to develop the halal industry. This ecosystem continues to be refined while continuing to add input from various parties.

In the current conditions, it is necessary for MSMEs to adopt new behaviors namely digitalization.

So that KNEKS seeks to coordinate technical guidance for business management according to industry standards including the use of digital technology.

So that SMEs are able to take advantage of the ease of technology, starting from online marketplaces, websites, fintek, and others.

Ahmad said it was hoped that with this guidance a uniform curriculum of technical guidance for the development of UMKM in the halal industry sector would be uniform.

It includes business management, finance, digitalization, and go-export MSMEs. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)