Italian Muslims Ask for Halal Meat Available in School Canteens

Halal Meet (photo: special)

Mestre, MINA – Parents of Muslim students in the City of Mestre, Italy asked the manager of Gisari Batsi Elementary School to provide halal meat in the canteen. Parents expressed their demands in a meeting that marked the start of the school season.

Responding to the request, the school said it could not fulfill it. The school then appealed to the parents to give understanding to their baby, thus quoted from Anadolu Agency (AA) on Friday, November 1.

“Tell children not to ask for meat while eating at school during this period,” the school said.

Hearing the incident, lawmakers from the right-wing Leg Party party, Alex Bazzaro accused the families of Muslim students as extremists. According to him, the demand for halal meat is ridiculous and contrary to the cultural integration of Italian society.

Muslims in some countries are still having trouble getting halal food. In Australia, for example, a Muslim protested a local butcher shop located in the City of Adelaide because the store called Valley Butchers was judged to have mocked Islam.

Valley Butchers put a sticker that reads “providing non-halal certified meat” in front of the glass window. They also put stickers on kangaroos and emus, which are native to Australia.

“It was the same as insulting Muslims. It was clearly intentional, “residents complained as reported by the Daily Mail.

Such jokes are considered to be able to discredit minority religions, even including the attitude of racism that can cause hatred towards Muslims.

Meanwhile, Valley Butchers shop owner said the installation of stickers aimed at providing answers to customers.

“They often ask whether the meat sold is halal? So we put up a sign to inform the public that our meat is not halal-certified, so there is no need to ask again,” explained the shop owner. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)