Israel: Sudan Delegation to Visit Israel Soon

Photo: Shehab News Agency

Tel Aviv, MINA – Intelligence Ministry Israel Eli Cohen said Sudan delegation will be visit Tel Aviv soon, then following Israel delegation will visit to Khartoum.

In an interview published on Ahad by Al-Sudani newspaper, quoted by the Shehab News Agency, Cohen stressed that Israel will cooperate with Sudan in several fields. He hopes for security cooperation between the two countries, such as the exchange of goods and investment.

Last Friday, Sudan and Israel announced normalization of relations in an agreement mediated by the United States (US), making Sudan the third Arab country to establish relations with the occupation within two months of the UAE and Bahrain.

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Since 1993, the United States has put Sudan on the “Black List of Countries on Terrorism” for hosting the late leader of the “Al Qaeda” organization, Osama bin Laden.

After normalization, the leading political bloc in the power of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in Sudan confirmed its rejection of normalization between its country and occupied Israel.

“Announcing the formation of a resistance front to terminate the agreement between the two sides,” reads the report.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese Alliance stressed that its people will adhere to the historical position of Palestine and work through a broad front to reject normalization and support the Palestinian people to gain their full legal rights.

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The coalition considers that the transitional authority intends to violate constitutional documents and proceed towards normalization with the Zionist entity and violates Sudanese principles from the list of supporters of Palestine rights. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)