Irish Activists Fly Palestinian Flags in Match against Israeli Team

Irish Activists Fly Palestinian Flags in Match against Israeli Team (Photo: M Shaaban/MINA)

Dublin, MINA – Dozens of Irish activists demonstrated on Sunday, September 25, in the vicinity of Tallaght stadium near the Irish capital Dublin, raising Palestinian flags, before the start of a football match between Ireland and Israel under-21 teams.

Social media activists posted on social media video recordings showing a protest pose outside the stadium’s doors, in which irish demonstrators carried Palestinian flags, calling for a boycott of the Israeli occupation, MINA Contributor in Palestine reports.

Journalist Harry Makan said that security tried to prevent the entry of Palestinian flags and banners condemning Israeli occupation to the stadium, but a number of posted pictures showed people carrying Palestinian flags, some of whom were wearing T-shirts that read “Freedom for Palestine”, inside the stadium.

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The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign had called earlier to protest against the match, saying, “We support the demands of the Palestinian BDS movement, and we demand the exclusion of Israel from the International and European Football Associations.”

It’s noteworthy that Ireland is one of the European countries that always witness activities in support of the Palestinian cause.

The Israeli occupation teams and clubs are playing in the European continent after spending years in the Asian continent, where the Arab countries refused to play with the Israeli teams, as there were problems and boycotts and many matches were canceled. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)