Indonesia’s Solterra Apartment Offers A “New Normal” Concept in Jakarta

Jakarta, MINA – In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the construction process of the Vasaka Solterra Apartment, located in the Pejaten area, South Jakarta, continues to progress as a form of commitment by the developer to build consumer trust.

It was marked by the topping-off ceremony for the Solterra Residences tower of Vasaka Solterra Apartments which was held on Saturday. This indicated that the work progress of the Vasaka Solterra Apartment is in accordance with the planned timeline.

President Director of PT Waskita FIM Perkasa Realti, Ignatius Joko Herwanto, said that the timeliness of the Vasaka Solterra Apartments was inseparable from the sales side which had sold-out almost 100 percent.

“Therefore, PT. Waskita Fim Perkasa Realti is highly committed to having the handover on time, “he said.

Ignatius emphasized that, along with the topping off  Solterra Residences tower, PT. Waskita FIM Perkasa Realti released a “Mockup New Normal Design” Unit with the concept of Work, Living & Play in One Place.

“This new concept is offered so that residents can carry out all their daily activities just at home,” he said.

He explained that apart from being a place to live, apartment units were designed for work activities, hobby, and even hangouts with friends.

“By carrying out the design concept as mentioned above, residents can maximize the space to do many activities in their unit. Due to the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, people are doing activities from home, “he said.

According to him, with the current pandemic conditions, residents need a different atmosphere so that they are not bored.

“So, we help residents if they are required to work from home, they can be more comfortable and can be creative like working in an office or doing other activities,” he said.

Realizing the situation during this pandemic, Ignatius explained, Vasaka Solterra changed his marketing strategy to a Digital Campaign and several property portals, as well as a market place which is available on several platforms.

“Our goal is to simplify and change the pattern of transactions carried out by consumers so that in a time like now, it is not an obstacle for consumers to invest, it should be a very good opportunity and profitable,” he said.

In addition, in the series of Waskita Karya Realti’s 6th anniversary, Vasaka Solterra offers attractive promo, namely 6 million booking fees *, 6 million DP installments/month *, 6 percent discount, 6 percent KPR interest subsidy, and hundreds of millions of shopping vouchers (terms & conditions apply), for further information, please contact 021-21279797.  (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)