Indonesia Targets 107 People Receive COVID-19 Vaccination

Photo: Liputan 6

Jakarta, MINA – The government is targeting the coverage of COVID-19 vaccination in Indonesia to reach 67 percent or 107 million people out of 160 million aged 18-59 years. So the need for vaccine is 246 million doses for the calculation of the need.

In the early stages, the government had delivered 1.2 million doses of the COVID-19 Sinovac vaccine on December 6. The next stage will bring back as many as 1.8 million doses of vaccine.

Of the immunization coverage target of 107 million people, 75 million are for the independent scheme target group, while 32 million are for the government program scheme. Thus it was the press statement of the Indonesian Ministry of Health on Friday.

For the procurement of the COVID-19 vaccine, the government program scheme is implemented by the Ministry of Health and the independent scheme is implemented by the Ministry of BUMN.

“The data collection process is carried out in an integrated manner through the” One Data Vaccination Information System for COVID-19 “which is coordinated by the Ministry of Communication and Information. The data collected includes in detail by name by address, ”said Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto at a Working Meeting with Commission IX DPR RI on Thursday.

The vaccination targets of government schemes are health workers in all health facilities, essential public servants and vulnerable groups of people.

Meanwhile, for the independent scheme, other economic actors include BPJS participants, non-BPJS/other insurance, and public/private participants.

The description of vaccine needs for 67 percent coverage consisting of two schemes, namely, the first government program scheme with a target of 32 million people requiring 73.96 million doses (two doses per person).

According to WHO guidelines, the global average for the vaccine wastage rate is 15 percent of the total vaccine target.

Second, the independent vaccine with a target of 75 million people requires 172 million doses with a wastage rate of 15 which is included in the wastage rate, which is residual, unused, damaged, lost vaccines, and is also used as a buffer stock for possible shortages, emergency needs and inter-regional relocation. .

The One Data Vaccination Information System for COVID-19 is a system for integrating data from multiple sources into one data and avoiding duplicate data information. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)