Indonesia-France Strengthen Cooperation in Education


Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Government Ministry of Education and Culture and National Education of the Republic of France strengthen cooperation.

The cooperation covers three education sectors, namely vocational education, early childhood education (PAUD), and increased cooperation in the use of Indonesian and French.

As a series of cooperation, both agreed to hold a joint working group (JWG). The activity is carried out to map out potential cooperation to be implemented according to the priorities of two countries based on reciprocal principles.

“Indonesia and France have established close bilateral cooperation, especially in the field of education. Furthermore, the JWG forum reflects joint efforts of the two countries to strengthen cooperation and prepare programs to be carried out,” said Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Didik Suhardi.

He added Indonesia and France had also cooperated two years ago in the field of technology where the French government formed a training center.

The scope of vocational education cooperation will be discussed in more detail, especially for the use of technology transfer, teaching techniques for teachers and students, exchange students, and educators between the two countries.

They also discussed the Pre-School services that can be used for the development of PAUD in Indonesia, in addition to the language field in the form of teacher and student exchanges between the two countries.

“Regarding PAUD, Indonesia already has Minimum Service Standards, namely before school age must attend pre-primary school. In JWG Indonesia-France will talk about the technical management of pre-school education services. We will learn a lot from France for the management of pre-primary education services, “explained Secretary-General of Education.

On the same occasion, Hervé Tilly, representative of the Ministry of Education of the French Republic explained cooperation in basic preschool education services became a potential sector. The service has been compulsory in France, as a fundamental preparation for the next generation.

The results of the meeting will be summarized in the Joint Action Plan document, which will be signed by the heads of delegations from the two countries. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)