Indonesia Among 20 World’s Happiest Places

Jakarta, 25 Dzulqa’dah 1437/28 August I(MINA) – Indonesia achieves a Happy Planet Index (HPI) score of 35.7 and ranks 16th of all 140 countries analysed.

In the 2016 Happy Planet Index (HPI) report of the UK-based think tank New Economic Foundation (NEF), Costa Rica was tagged as the happiest nation on the planet.

The HPI combines four elements to show how efficiently residents of different countries are using environmental resources to lead long, happy lives.

So, wealthy Western countries, often seen as the standard of success, do not necessarily rank highly on the HPI.

The HPI is calculated using “global data on life expectancy, experienced well-being and Ecological Footprint.” It’s an “efficiency measure,” ranking countries on “how many long and happy lives they produce per unit of environmental input.”

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Costa Rica registered 79.1 years for life expectancy, 7.3 rating for well-being with 10 being the highest, 2.8 global hectares for ecological footprint and 15 percent for inequality of outcomes.

In second place was Mexico, followed by Colombia and Vanuatu, which is in the Asia-Pacific region where Indonesia belongs.

In fifth place was Vietnam, followed by Panama, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Thailand, Ecuador, Jamaica, Norway, Albania, Uruguay, Spain, Indonesia and El Salvador.

In terms of well-being, Indonesia got a 5.4. As to ecological footprint, the country registered 1.6 global hectares per capita, classified as good.

Ecological footprint is expressed using a standardized unit of global hectares per person.

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According to NEF which promotes social, economic and environmental justice, the HPI measures what matters to everyone: sustainable well-being for all.

“It tells us how well nations are doing at achieving long, happy, sustainable lives. The HPI annual survey of countries – which started in July 2006 – provides a compass to guide nations, and shows that it is possible to live good lives without costing the Earth.” (T/R07/R01)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)