Gaza Launches 20 Rockets to Israeli Settlements, Retaliate to the Death of A Palestinian

Gaza, MINA – Retaliate to the death of a Palestinian young, Gaza citizen by Israeli Zionist sniper, Palestinian fighters fired 20 rockets into the occupied territories of Israel on Sunday night, February 23.

MINA sources in Gaza reported that half of the rocket was successfully prevented by the Iron Dome, Israel’s anti-air attack equipment.

Three illegal settlers were injured in this Palestinian fighter rocket attack.

Earlier, Israeli forces took the body of Muhammad Naim, a Gaza youth who carried out a border action inhumanely using a bulldozer.

Two other young men were also shot while trying to save the lifeless Naim.

The Times of Israel reports that three illegal Israeli settlers were injured while fleeing to shelters after the sirens sounded after a rocket launch from Gaza.

Israel also opened a shelter occupied in the settlement of “Gan Yavneh” in southern Palestine. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).