Gaza Laboratory Works 24 Hours Serve Coronavirus Suspected

Gaza, MINA – The Gaza Laboratory at the center of Syuhada Al-Rimal works 24 hours, to examine patients suspected of being infected by coronavirus or Covid 19.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza stressed the central laboratory was prepared with equipments suitable for Covid 19 examinations and the lab team that worked had expertise.

“In the central laboratory all safety and preventive supplies are available to prevent the spread of the epidemic,” the Ministry of Health was quoted as saying by Palestinian Information Center (Palinfo) on Sunday, March 15.

The ministry also informed as 2667 people were assigned home quarantine. However, Gaza is still declared to be zero from patients infected with Covid 19.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said the number of cases infected with the coronavirus had increased to 38, after the discovery of three new cases in the Bethlehem region. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)