Central Ukhuwah Council Strongly Condemns Crime of Bombing Mosque in Pakistan

Photo: AP

Jakarta, MINA – Head of Central Ukhuwah Council of Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Sakuri SH strongly condemns the perpetrators of the crime of bombing a place of worship in Peshawar, Pakistan, which has caused victims of Muslims who were worshiping in that place.

“We hope that the perpetrators of these crimes will soon be caught and tried and punished based on the applicable law,” said Sakuri in a written statement received by MINA on Tuesday.

There was a bomb explosion in a mosque located in the police headquarters complex in Peshawar, Pakistan, Monday (30/1/2023) resulting in at least 61 people died and 157 people were injured.

The Central Ukhuwah Council support every step taken by the Government of Pakistan in efforts to save the victims and restore the internal security situation in order to restore social order in Pakistan.

“We calls on all the warring groups in Pakistan to respect holy places such as mosques and other places of worship, schools and public facilities not to become targets of armed conflict and bombings as they are crimes against the teachings of Allah and universal humanity,” the statement added.

The Council calls on all Muslims in Pakistan to unite, not to be divided, and not to be pitted against one another. Show the whole world the beauty of brotherhood in Islam.

As Rasulullah Muhammad (PUH) said: “Do not envy each other, deceive each other, hate each other, stay away from each other and do not buy things that are being offered by other people, and be all of you servants of Allah in brotherhood. A Muslim is a brother to other Muslims, so it is not permissible to tyrannize him, to neglect him, lie to him and humiliate him.Taqwa is here (while pointing at his chest three times). Someone has been said to have committed a crime if he insulted his fellow Muslim brothers. Every Muslim’s blood is forbidden for other Muslims, as well as their wealth and honor.” (HR Muslim). Nu’man bin Basyier r.a. said: The Prophet saw. said: You will see the believers in their affection, love-loving and association like one body, if one member is sick then it spreads to other members so that they feel hot and cannot sleep. (H.R Bukhari / Muslim).  “Verily, the believers are one to another like a building. Some strengthen others.” And the Prophet joined his fingers. (H.R Bukhari).

The Council also call on the Government of Indonesia and all citizens to always be vigilant that acts of humanity crimes are still a serious threat. Therefore the security authorities need to work together with civil society to take preventive measures as early as possible.

“Calling on all mankind to always uphold the principles and values ​​of peace and respect human dignity,” the ended. (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)