Avoiding Riba and Its Solution

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By: Syamsul Yakin

There are at least seven verses in four surahs about the meaning, problems, and solutions avoiding riba (usury). Moreover, if each verse refers to its tafsir, for example mufradat tafsir such as Jalalain’s Tafsir or local tafsir such as Munir tafsir by Shaykh Nawawi.

According to the author of Tafsir Jalalayn, riba is another increase to muamalat with money and food, both about the amount and the time. Allah’s reproach for riba consumer is contained in Al Baqarah verse 275: Those who consume riba will stand ˹on Judgment Day˺ like those driven to madness by Satan’s touch.

*Harus konsisten tentang penyebutan riba dan consume*

In Shaykh Nawawi’s opinion, riba occurs because consumer consider riba is allowed in Islam. However,  if you want to earn profit, then you can make it by trading.

“Allah has permitted trading and forbidden riba.” (Al-Baqarah: 275)

*lebih teliti lagi yahh, ada kalimat tambahan gak tau asalnya dari mana*

Moreover, the wealth from riba will be lost by Allah. Allah states it in al-Baqarah verse 276:

“Allah has made riba fruitless”. In Syaikh Nawawi’s opinion, Allah refuses the wealth from riba will be lost in this world and useless in the hereafter and as Ibn Abbas said, Allah rejects their Hajj, zakat, jihad and friendship from riba.

Another solution if you want your wealth to increase by giving charity. This solution is contained in al-Baqarah verse 276.

For riba consumer who want to repent, they must stop practicing riba, as Allah said in al-Baqarah verse 278 “O believers! Fear Allah, and give up outstanding riba if you are ˹true˺ believers.”

*Lebih cocok practicing daripada doing*

According to the author of Tafsir Jalalayn, that verse was revealed because of some of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad who charged riba in the past, even though it was already prohibited.

In Al-Baqarah 279, Allah issues threat and provides solution. “If you do not, then beware of a war with Allah and His Messenger! But if you repent, you may retain your principal—neither inflicting nor suffering harm.”

Riba is prohibited in Islam because there is multiplying, “O believers! Do not consume riba, multiplying it many times over. And be mindful of Allah, so you may prosper.” (Ali Imran: 130). Allah warns us to obey Him by stop practicing riba so we are safe from His punishment.

Furthermore, Allah illustrates the consequences for riba consumer, “This is because of their taking riba though they were forbidden it and their consuming the property of the men falsely; and We have prepared for the disbelievers from among them a painful torment..” (Al-Nisaa :161) and in Shaykh Nawawi’s opinion, the painful torment will be suffered in the hereafter.

The last verse not only about riba but also its solution : “Whatever loans you give, ˹only˺ seeking interest at the expense of people’s wealth  will not increase with Allah. But whatever charity you give, ˹only˺ seeking the pleasure of Allah—it is they whose reward will be multiplied..” (al-Ruum: 39). (T/ri/RE1)

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