At Least 33 Palestinian Minors Relocated to Damon Jail Suffer Maltreatment

Ramallah, MINA – At least 33 Palestinian minors have been suffering from harsh incarceration conditions and maltreatment since they were transferred recently from Ofer to Damon jail without being accompanied by their representatives (adult prisoners).

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Israeli prison forces stormed the section of the Damon jail where the 33 juveniles had been locked up after their transfer from Ofer jail and removed all-electric equipment from the cells.

Those children also refused several times to take meals served to them, saying the quality and quantity of the food were very bad and complained of not having enough blankets to protect themselves against the cold atmosphere in the cells, Palinfo reported.

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The section’s bathrooms are also open and with no curtains and the children have not been able to take a shower since they came to jail.

The administration of the Ramon jail also confiscated money, about 8,000 shekels, allocated to the children to buy their needs from the commissary, falsely claiming that it gave the money to their representatives in Ofer jail.

Consequently, the prisoners in Ofer jail decided to take protest steps in the coming hours to pressure Israeli jailers to end its violations against the children and allow their representatives to be with them in Ramon jail.

There are about 200 Palestinian minors in Israeli jails, and they receive supervision, representation, and care by adult prisoners. (T/R3/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)