Approximately 110,000 Palestinians Killed, Injured, Missing in the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Gaza, MINA – Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said in a statement on Saturday that approximately 110,000 Palestinians are reported killed, missing, and injured, after the passage of four months of Israel’s genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.

A total of 35,096 Palestinians in the Strip have been killed by Friday evening, Euro-Med Monitor estimated. Of those killed in the Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Strip, 32,220 were civilians, including 12,345 children, 7,656 women, 309 health personnel, 41 civil defense personnel, and 121 journalists.

Meanwhile, 67,240 individuals have been injured including hundreds suffering critical injuries and permanent disabilities.

Within a week of the International Court of Justice’s ruling, the Israeli army killed over 1,048 Palestinians, most of them civilians, and injured over 1,800 others, and carried out 108 massacres.

The rights group explained that, in addition to the statistics provided by the Palestinian Health Ministry, its own figures include thousands who have been trapped beneath the debris of buildings hit by Israeli air and artillery strikes for more than 14 consecutive days now and are therefore presumed dead.

Hundreds of bodies that cannot be recovered due to the ongoing Israeli violence remain on the roads, said Euro-Med Monitor, particularly in areas where Israel’s army has conducted ground incursions, it affirmed.

The Euro-Med Monitor further reported that about two million Palestinians, approximately 90% of the total population of the Strip, have been displaced from their homes and residential areas amid the lack of safe shelters, as 79,200 housing units have been completely destroyed and 207,000 housing units have been partially damaged.

Euro-Med Monitor warned that Israel has ordered the evacuation of the people residing in more than 245 square kilometres, 67%, of the entire Gaza Strip. This includes all of Gaza City and the Strip’s northern regions. The majority of them have not yet been able to return; neither have residents of large areas in the central and southern sections of the Strip that Israel had designated as safe areas.

The Geneva-based organization emphasized that Israel is deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure in order to cause as many casualties, material losses, and as much general destruction as possible as a form of retaliation and collective punishment.

A week after the International Court of Justice’s ruling, which required Israel to take all possible measures to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Monitor reported that the Israeli army was still killing civilians at the same rate as before the ruling, as well as starving them, denying aid supplies, and depriving them of their most basic human rights; destroying their property to make it impossible for them to return to their homes; forcibly arresting them; and torturing them.

The human rights group also documented that Israeli occupation forces are still besieging and bombing Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis, in southern Gaza Strip. During the past few days, the building of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, which also houses the hospital, was bombed several times, killing at least seven civilians.

Euro-Med Monitor contended that Israel continues to deliberately target civilians. Three civilians were slain, and four others were injured on 29 January; all were internally displaced refugees who sought safety near the Red Crescent headquarters in the west of Khan Yunis. Two were killed while attempting to remove the body of a woman who had been killed by Israeli forces a few metres away from the hospital.

Euro-Med Monitor confirmed that Israel continues to use starvation as a weapon of war, noting that the amount of aid supplies entering the Gaza Strip, especially in the northern Gaza Valley, do not meet the population’s growing needs. Of the 61 humanitarian relief operations scheduled to arrive in the northern Gaza Valley in January, only 10 were allowed entry by Israeli authorities.

Euro-Med Monitor warned of the dangerous repercussions of many donor countries’ decision to suspend their funding for UNRWA in light of the current catastrophic conditions and the impending famine, as UNRWA is the main humanitarian agency in the Gaza Strip, serving more than two million people.(T/R3/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)