Al- Khudari: 80% of Gaza Factories Stopped Operating

Gaza, MINA – Head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege on Gaza Jamal al-Khudari on Monday said that Israel still bans the entry of 100% of the raw materials needed by Gaza factories to operate.

Al-Khudari said in a press statement that the economic situation in the Gaza Strip has reached a dead end in view of the ongoing blockade and the closure of Karam Abu Salem crossing for the 27th day in a row, PIC reported.

He noted that thousands of trucks have been denied entry into the costal enclave, which means that the goods they are carrying are threatened with damage and loss.

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He added that about 80% of Gaza factories stopped operating and that the rest might join them soon in light of the tightened Israeli sanctions.

The Palestinian official affirmed that Israel is pursuing a collective punishment policy against the Gaza Strip by banning the entry of nearly 1000 items of basic and humanitarian goods into the enclave in a blatant violation of international law and the agreements signed with the Palestinian Authority.

Al-Khudari called on the international community to pressure Israel to backtrack on its punitive measures, and stressed that the situation in Gaza requires a quick and decisive international resolution that obliges Israel to lift the blockade and open all crossings closed since 2006.(R/R04/RS5)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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