World Muslim League Sends Aid to Flood Victims in Pakistan

Islamabad, MINA – The Muslim World League (MWL) sent emergency aid to help people affected by floods in several parts of Pakistan, Arab News reported.

MWL Regional Director Saad Al-Harthi said the program distributed food to those most in need of those affected by heavy rains and floods.

“This humanitarian aid is the league’s effort to support those in need around the world,” he said.

Al-Harthi also said that the program is part of various programs and projects in the field of development and relief implemented by MWL in Pakistan.

“Assistance, support, and activities of this association are not differentiated based on religion, ethnicity or other, but for all those who are in need and this is in accordance with Islamic teachings in a large human dimension,” he explained.

The program is under the supervision of the Head of Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal, with the participation of Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, and a number of Pakistani officials.

Lieutenant General Afzal praised the efforts of MWL considered one of the best relief organizations operating in Pakistan.

He said the aid would help alleviate the suffering of those affected by the floods that hit Pakistan. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)