UMRA.ID, World First Digital Platform for Umrah Launched

(Photo: Rana/ MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – PT Central Global Network (CGN) launches UMRA.ID, the world’s first digital platform for Umrah or pilgrimage journey.

“At this time, the community can access, register, and realize a fully self-managed Umrah trip. Just type UMRA.ID on Android and iOS, it will be available soon, “Ma’an Muadz, CGN Director said at the Mandiri Syariah Auditorium, Jakarta, Thursday.

The launch was attended by representatives from Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VIII, the National Sharia Finance Committee (KNKS), the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Bank Syariah Mandiri, the Association of Muslim Hajj and Umrah Providers of the Republic of Indonesia (Amphuri), and partners from PT Central Global Network (CGN).

Ventje Rahardjo, the Executive Director of KNKS supported the presence of a digital platform that gives users the freedom to design and realize their own pilgrimage journey.

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According to him, digitization in the organization of Umrah can minimize fraud from Umrah worship organizations.

“Umroh’s digital platform has been working with curated official agents with good service standards from the Ministry of Religion,” Ventje said.

UMRA was launched in conjunction with the signing of a strategic partnership with Bank Syariah Mandiri in terms of ease of payment and marketing for customers through platform integration.

In addition, UMRA also cooperated with MUI for joint promotion of the Green Umra (Green Umra) program, a donation program with Sharinghappiness, cooperation with the Dar El-Iman hotel chain, and congregational communication with Indosatooredoo.

UMRA.ID CEO Ahmad Husani said the platform was not an Umrah marketplace, but a fully self-managed or popular program called Umra’s Do It Yourself (DIY).

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“The point is adjusting the bag. To fit the bag, pilgrims will explore features at UMRA.ID, start choosing the plane, the route, hotel, and location, duration of stay in Mecca, Medina, choosing insurance, and visa applications, ” Ahmad explained.

About the supervisor and the program during the pilgrimage, he said that his party targets independent tourists who do not need a guide and are accustomed to organizing their own trips.

Meanwhile, Endy Kurniawan, digital commerce practitioner who was one of the speakers at the talk show entitled “Habitual Disruption: The Effect of Native Digital Behavior on Traveling,” said the data of the Ministry of Religion aged 25-50 years currently dominate Indonesian pilgrims.

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“They are ‘educated’ and independent and are accustomed to doing anything through gadgets,” Endy said.

Endy revealed that he had been in conventional travel for 10 years.

“Since 2013, we have served Umrah and complete with all its permits. There are three reasons we entered into digital services. First: changes in people’s behavior, the second, technologies as facilitators and the third vision of Saudi Arabia in 2030 that will open a religious tourism tap, “Endy added. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)